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We provide Homeopathic consultation for the body, mind and soul where we apply the holistic approach to health for your overall wellness.

We treat the person in disease and not the disease in a person. Disease is just the outer manifestation of your inner turmoil or imbalance. Once this inner turmoil (which is the root cause of your disease) is treated, its outer manifestations - signs & symptoms of the disease - will disappear by themselves. This is the most natural process of healing without any side-effects.

Modern medical science treats these outer expressions (signs and symptoms), but not the root cause - inner turmoil. That's why you get QUICK but SHORT-TERM relief.

Whereas, Homoeopathy treats the root cause and works by helping the body to heal itself. For treating your illness holistically, we need to understand YOU as a person. We need to understand your inner most turmoil, which is beyond body and mind. And for that, we need to understand your nature, behaviour, dreams, sleep pattern, fears, nightmares, etc. That’s why a Homoeopath takes a good amount of time in taking the case. He has to know each and every area of your life to arrive at a very specific medicine to match your inner most disturbance. And to heal this imbalance, it will take time and not just a day or two.

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