Personal Development

Personal Development

You are as good as a dead person if you stop growing as a person

Personal development includes developing your confidence, coming out of your failure and frustration, getting over your unfavorable past and living or enjoying your present moment and thus enhancing your inner potential so that you can work without any resistance to achieve your higher purpose of life.

personality development

Living your life to the fullest is all about being happy at the present moment and working towards your passion with full potential. This may look simple and easy to do but many of us are trapped in their past and for them this is like a fairy tale to achieve.

If you are living, then it’s the proof that you have some higher purpose to achieve in life because life means growth. If you are just passing your life without any goal or purpose, then you are as good as a dead person

We have many of such cases which fall under this section of personal development. One such case was of a newly married woman who lost all her confidence after getting married. She was a doctor but her in-laws didn’t allow her to work after marriage. She became completely introverted and gloomy within 6 months of marriage. She was hardly talking with anyone in her in-laws home. Even her husband didn’t support her. Her weight drastically reduced by 6 kg and she lost all her appetite. She became completely goalless and had a vegetable existence. When we started understanding her and allowed her to talk freely without any hesitation, she completely broke down and cried for half an hour. After 8-10 months of treatment, she not only became extroverted like before but as expected she separated from her partner and filed for the divorce. This might be seen as a negative outcome in our Indian society but it was really needed for her. She wanted to work as a doctor which was not possible in her in-laws’ home, so she had to take that bold decision to move on in her life. As we say, life is not stagnation but growth. She started defending herself and taking her own stand within 3 months of the treatment. She filed for divorce only after making few failed attempts to convince her in-laws about starting to work. So whatever happened was indeed needed for her.

Another case was of a young girl who was a struggling singer and addicted to marijuana. She was directionless career wise after completing her masters. She didn’t know what she wanted in her life. She wanted to do many things but excels in none. We could see her behaviour very detached, self-absorbed, changeable and rebellious. Out of two and half hour consultation, she was talking about marijuana and its benefits for almost an hour! She wasn’t living in reality but always building castles in the air, talking about big plans and in a very delusional state. We gave her a very good medicine which has all this delusional state and she was recovered in a year. She became a very mature girl and left her singing profession where she was getting nothing financially. And an interesting thing was that in her last followup, she didn’t mention anything about marijuana. When we directly inquired about marijuana, she surprisingly said she didn’t need it at all and she had almost forgotten marijuana in the last few months.

We as Homeopaths try to understand you as a person. We note down all the disharmony in you which stagnates your growth or stops you working in your full potential. If necessary we give you the medicine to heal, along with our usual counselling and guidance.