Female Disorders

Female Disorders

Your illness is as unique as you

Homeopathy works wonderfully in many of the common disorders in females like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Premenstrual Syndrome, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, etc. The root cause of such chronic diseases is mainly the stress and so we need to find it out through the fears, dreams, tragic incidents, sensitive areas of life, etc. A good Homeopath will never prescribe the medicine on the basis of just the diagnosis or laboratory investigations. He will ask you many questions to understand you and your illness because his prescription is based on the finer details and not just the name of the disease.

Femal Disorders

Homeopathy can help you even for the rare symptoms you are suffering. Eg. one of our female patients was suffering from involuntary urination. She had visited many doctors before without any result. On asking in detail about her complaint, we came to know that she mostly passed urine involuntarily immediately after coition. And this symptom had been revealed by her husband after she left our consulting room.

Now involuntary urination is a common symptom but here it is coming immediately after coition, so it becomes a very uncommon or rare symptom for any Homeopath. She got better within a month of treatment and her involuntary urination completely stopped after 3-4 months of treatment. So never ever hide anything from your Homeopath. Many times patients think that it is not necessary to give such details (especially such uncommon or weird symptoms), as for them, it is not needed or they think the physician will laugh at their weird detail or such symptom. But for a Homeopath, each and every illness is as unique as the person himself/herself. A Homeopath’s task (to prescribe the right medicine) becomes very easy once you open up freely in front of him. And then it just requires some patience on your part. Homeopathy heals not only the illness but also the abnormal behaviour or reaction of the patients.