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Why he is dependent on his parents

Mrs. H.S., age 28 yrs, from Mumbai consulted me online for Psoriasis (a chronic skin disease which causes red, itchy, scaly patches). She had reddish color patches above her waist.

We had a detailed online session with her on Skype video call, which lasted for one hour and thirty minutes.

I understood her physical complaints, life story, stress points and the main issue of her life which caused her this ailing skin condition Psoriasis which has troubled her for the last 4-5 yrs.

Her physical complaints:

  • Psoriasis (reddish patches above her waist and on her back)
  • Bleeding Piles
  • Pain in calf muscles
  • Backache

It all started after her marriage. She used to get angry when anything happened against her wishes. Her in-laws and husband were scolding her even if she made a little mistake. She used to feel heaviness in her chest when they scolded her. Her husband is not earning much and financially he is completely dependent on his parents. She was very disturbed by this dependency of her husband. She used to scold him for this reason but it all ended up with him scorning her in return and thus clashes between the couple started.

I asked her, "What is your feeling and experience of being in such a situation?"

She said, "I feel helpless. I feel, how can my husband have his own identity if he depends on his parents even after the marriage? How will we manage paying my daughter's school fees and all the expenses? Why is he so dependent on others? Why doesn't he have his own status or worth? He should be independent and has his own value. Whenever I tell him this, he starts scolding me! He even calls me by wrong names (names of animals) which is disrespectful. My parents have given me a good name, then why are you calling me with a different name? It's like I don't have any value in my family and I am useless. Every woman wants his husband to earn his name and some social status. But he is completely dependent on others. He is not a responsible person (Wo ek Jimmedaar insaan nahi hai). He should worry about our future and his kid.”

She started becoming irritable, had a weeping tendency and was silently bearing all this stress within and wasn't expressing herself fully with others. That is when her physical complaints started appearing. It started with just a tiny pinkish patch on her back, which became bigger and covered a larger area above her waist.

She had backache and intense pain in calf muscles, which was aggravated when she was standing. She said, I have to sit down and take a rest when the pain starts in my calf muscles, I just can't stay in standing position on my feet.

Her complaints are aggravated in Hot or Humid weather and after having besan food (gram flour).

So the central issue of her case was:

Being completely dependent on others and not having your own identity/name/worth. And sensitive of being scorned or disrespect or called by the wrong name. She has her Ego/Name, so she doesn't like to be called by a different name; she doesn't like to be Dependent like her Husband.


On one side it is - Being worthless, no name, no social status, completely dependent on others, you are nothing. (Natrum/Sodium group - which is completely dependent on others and they don't have their identity.)

On the other side - Having your own identity and social worth. You have Ego and don't like to be called by a different name. (Sulphur)

Based on this central issue, she was prescribed a Homeopathic medicine, Natrum Sulph - 200.

For confirmation of the medicine, I selected these obvious Rubrics in this case:

As we can see here by repertorisation, the remedy Nat-s covers all these four rubrics.

She was given a single dose of Nat-s in 200C potency, followed by SL.


One month after the first dose:

Her disturbed mental state calmed down a little bit and she became less irritable and started to oppose her family if anything happened against her wishes. She became happier and started taking interest in her hobbies. Now she wasn't complaining about her husband. She was a bit calm.

Two months after the first dose:

Her red patches started disappearing, along with relief in backache and pain in calf muscles. She has still piles but not bleeding now and will take some time to heal, as she is still currently under treatment. She enjoys spicy and oily food, so I have advised her to avoid such food for the piles complaint.

Three months after the first dose:

Not only her physical complaints, but her whole mental state has been improved by the medicine and counseling. She couldn't believe that her psoriasis has been recovered by almost 80% along with her stress. She exclaimed, how I cured my psoriasis, I am still surprised! She would be under the treatment for the next 6-8 months for the full recovery. As it's a chronic complaint, it will take time to heal.

Tinea Pedis problem

You can see in the image where her psoriatic patches have almost disappeared after 3 months of treatment which was really quick.

Results vary from person to person. Each and every patient of psoriasis (or with any other disease) would get different Homeopathic medicine according to his/her mental altered pattern.

For queries/questions/online consultation, contact:

Email - [email protected]

Call - 9004813236 (Dr.Nikunj)

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